About Growing Broke Farm

We started our business Growing Broke Farm in 2014 with a few chickens and our first five pigs! We have since grown to a 30 sow breeding program of heritage berkshire pork. We have a small herd of cattle, raise chickens on pasture and have free-range laying hens. We are 5th generation farmers and we believe in quality over quantity. We raise all of our animals naturally and humanely, all while providing the best quality of life possible.
Our Promise

We have a real passion for farming and we think it shows! We love to talk about what we do, how we run and of course our animals. Any questions you have feel free to ask - we promise we will always answer to the best of our ability; no question is a bad question! We want you to know your local farmers and feel comfortable feeding your families our products.

Our Feed Program

We are always working to ensure our animals have the best quality feed possible. Our pigs are fed a diet of grains grown right on our farm, local goodies like apples and squash, brewers grains, and other seasonal offerings! Our cattle are 100% grass-fed on pasture in the warmer months and fed home-grown hay throughout the winter and spring. We raise our chickens in chicken tractors on pasture and they are fed a 100% vegetable protein feed. 

Our Animals

We raise all of our animals ourselves- the old fashioned, hard work way. Our quality animals are part of the reason we can produce a high quality product. All of our animals have room to move around! Our cattle are on pasture during the warmer months and brought back to the farm to eat home grown hay all winter. Free range is the only way our poultry roam! They have large areas of pasture to have dust baths and search for bugs. 

Our Family

We are a family of 5th generation farmers - 3rd generation living on our family farm! Family has always been important to us.  When there is work to do on the farm, we always have helping hands ready to get dirty; not everyone is lucky enough to say that. Farming is our way of life, and we hope it is for many more generations to come!