Heritage Beef

Heritage Beef


Pork Cut Pricing

Smoked bacon- $9.50/lb

Peameal bacon- $8.75/lb

Smoked ham roast- $7.00/lb

Smoked ham steaks- $7.00/lb

Pork chops- $7.25/lb

Butterfly chops- $8.25/lb

Side ribs- $5.00/lb

Back ribs- $7.75/lb

Picnic Roast- $5.75/lb

Butt Roast- $5.75/lb

Boneless loin roast- $7.25/lb

Tenderloin- $10.00/lb

Breakfast patties (10)- $7.50/lb

Pepperettes (16)- $12.00

Cured Hock- $3.00/lb

Smoked Jowl- $3.00/lb

Leaf Lard- $2.00/lb

Back Fat- $1.50/lb

Sausages (4)- $7.50

     - Honey Garlic * Gluten Free

     - Oktoberfest

     - Breakfast

     - Sweet Italian * Gluten Free

     - Hot Italian * Gluten Free

* we are unable to offer bulk pork orders at this time- we will resume when able!

Whole/ half hog orders

$4.00/lb dressed weight

cutting/ wrapping/ sausage making and smoking included

avg. dressed weight 180-220lbs

Pork Packages


Poultry & Egg Pricing

Eggs- $4.50 per dozen

Whole Chickens- $4.50/lb ( ready by early summer)

Turkeys- $4.00/lb ( seasonal Thanksgiving & Christmas)

* Turkeys & Chickens are sold by pre-order only 

Soups, from Me to You

We carry a stock of delicious homemade soups & bone broth from Soups, from Me to You. They are made in a certified gluten free kitchen. They use locally sourced vegetables and meats that do not contain any preservatives, additives, or GMOs.

Soups- $12-$15

Bone Broth- $10

Beef Cut Pricing

Prime rib roast- $14.00/lb

Cross Rib Roast- $13.00/lb

Short Rib Roast- $12.75/lb

Rump roast- $12.00/lb

Top round roast- $9.75/lb

Bottom round roast- $9.75/lb

T-Bone steak- $17.25/lb

Rib eye steak- $18.00/lb

Top round steak- $12.75/lb

Bottom round steak- $12.75/lb

Sirloin steak- $15.75/lb

Sirloin tip steak- $15.50/lb

Stewing beef- $8.25/lb

Ground beef- $7.25/lb

Soup bones- $3.50/pack

Neck bones- $3.50/pack

Heart- $10.00

Tongue- $10.00

Oxtail- $5.00 per pack

Liver- $4.50 per pack

Burgers 10 pack- $20

Brisket- $10.00/lb

Beef Ribs- $9.00/lb

Flank Steak- $12.50/lb

Quarter/ Half/ Whole beef orders

*coming soon

Other Goodies!

Pork/ Beef mixed pepperettes- $12 pack

Maple Syrup from The Maple Reserve

250ml- $10

500ml- $18