While we hope to one day be able to raise or grow everything your family needs for a healthy eating lifestyle, we do have some great options available now! Check out the links below to learn more about our heritage berkshire pork, grass fed-brewers grain finished beef, free range poultry and our delicious free range omega 3 eggs! 

We raise heritage berkshire pork which can be purchased by the cut, in packages or by half/whole hog. Our hogs are fed a diet of grains grown right here on our farm and spent brewer's grains from our local brewery! Check out our pork page for more information and pricing. 


Our chickens are pasture raised and fed a diet of 100% all vegetable protein feed. They are moved in chicken tractors to fresh pasture every day so they can munch on grass, insects, worms and whatever else they find! 


Our herd consists of multiple heritage breed cattle that are 100% grass-fed and finished. Beef is currently sold only by the cuts, but will be available in the near future by quarters/halves/whole. Check out our beef page for more information and pricing.


We started our business with a few laying hens and we continue today but with a little more than a couple! Our hens have free range of the pasture, are fed an all vegetable protein layer feed. We add flax seed to their diet to boost the omega 3 levels in our eggs. Check out our egg page for more information and pricing.